How to Recover Google Account without Recovery email or Phone Number?

"2024-02-28" By Admin

Google has been providing several services and products since it came into existence. You might have an account with Google, but because of some action or a long inactivity, you have lost it. In such situations, you must have started looking for ways through which you can get the account back. However, you realize that you have to recover your Google Account without recovery 650 661 0001 / (650) 253-0000 email or phone number, but then what are the other ways through which you can activate the account? There are other mediums as well through which you can recover the account; let us discuss them further.

How can I recover my Google account by using the security questions?

If you are not able to recover the Google account via phone or email, then you can use the security questions. These questions are a part of the process you get through to open the Google account so whenever you get problems, you can use these questions to open the account. You have to follow the below-mentioned procedure to get your back by using security questions:

  • Get to the login page of Google.
  • Then, add the credentials you remember to your account.
  • Click on Forgotten Password and select a security question.
  • Then start answering the questions with the answers you have put
  • After the verification, you have to go through a small process to recover the account.

How to get help from Google to recover my account?

You can request Google to recover the account or any other problems you are having related to Google. The quickest help you get will be through a phone call as the executives will quickly resolve all the issues you are having. You just have to dial 650 661 0001 / (650) 253-0000, the Google customer support phone number, and then talk to a live person about all the issues you are having. Provide the details of the account you remember so that the executives can access it and recover it accordingly.

Do I have to request a recovery of my Google account?

If you are not able to get your account back via phone or email, then it must be Google who has blocked the account, and you might have to request a recovery. You can send them an email adding all the details of the account you remember and if there are other queries you are having related to Google services and products. You just have to draft an email by mentioning all the details and send them to Google team will investigate it and revert you accordingly, informing you whether the account can be recovered or not and what will be the terms and conditions you have to follow.

What services can you avail of from Google on the phone?

Apart from getting help to recover the account, you can resolve other issues on the Google support phone number 650 661 0001 / (650) 253-0000 concerning Google products to services. The list of the things are mentioned:

  • You can acquire help for the Google product or services.
  • Ask queries about Google accounts.
  • Deleting or deactivating the account
  • To recover the account

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