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Fast internet speed is the most basic requirement of all the professionals and internet users these days. Many functions these days are completely paper free and done mostly on computers or mobile.

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  • Research

  • Email

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  • Video call and conferencing

  • Online meetings

  • Social networking

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  • E-commerce and online shopping

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Thousands of companies are having their web sites to make shopping and communication easy for their customers. So all it requires a safe , secure and fast internet connection. Routers , thus plays a very important role here. Router is a small device but have power to boost up the internet speed very high. Different companies are there that manufactures routers but few of them promises the effective internet speed. Linksys router is one among those which can boost up the internet speed to a great extent. The Linksys wireless routers are helpful in increasing the speed of the internet.

The technology with Linksys router is excellent but some times user may face technical glitches. These problems may affect the internet speed. Few common issues that a Linksys router may face are :

  • How to set up Linksys router?

  • How to fix the router?

  • How to enable file sharing from router?

  • How to configure the router?

Such issues are perfectly handled by the expert executives at the Linksys customer care. The technicians are all the time available to sort out the issues. So user doesn't need to panic in case of any technical hassles but just call at the Linksys Router Tech Support Number. The technical executives on the line will provide the easy troubleshooting steps to sort out the issue. Here some issues with Linksys router are discussed with their solutions.

How To Configure Linksys Router?

  • Connect the router with the plug and proper sockets.

  • Open the browser and type the address

  • Enter the username and password.

  • Many times Linsys router comes with a configuration CD. So user can install that software.

  • Click on the Settings tab.

  • Enter the required things. Enable the broadcast SSID.

  • Similarly , from Router Configuration tab, user can do various settings change according to requirement.

Enabling File Sharing

  • Linksys router comes with few USB plugs.

  • User can attach external devices with the router USB to have backup and sharing files.

  • User can also connect more than one computer and set the SSID so as to enable the file sharing over the network.

How To Fix Linksys Router?

The most simple method is :

  • Shut down the system.

  • Switch OFF the router and unplug it.

  • Wait for 10 minutes.

  • Again plug the router and switch ON the router.

  • Restart the system.

For any problem or issues user can just make a call at the Linksys Router Technical Support Number. The number is 24/7 active. The expert technicians are always present to listen and provide the effective solutions. The Linksys Router Toll Free Number is the best way to get the answers to all the queries and problems related to Linksys router. So call at the number and enjoy the fastest browsing speed.


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