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How to Fix Unable to Hear During Calls on iPhone?

If you are a frequent iPhone user and suddenly you feel there is no sound on your iPhone then the situation is very much frustrating. If you are unable to hear any sound when you are on phone call or no sound for notification message then you need to take care of this issue. Calling on iPhone tech support phone number and getting connected with tech experts can help you in fixing the issue quickly.

Symptoms of No Sound on IPhone

  • No sound on the iPhone

  • Ringer rings but speaker not working

  • No sound in headphone too

How to Fix can’t Hear During Call

If you are unable to hear on your iPhone then you can follow the below steps to fix the issue.

Loud/ Silent Switch: Check the switch on the side of your iPhone and flick it to loud mode.

Restart the iPhone: Restarting your iPhone may fix the issue and you will be able to hear the sound on your iPhone again.

Reset iPhone: Doing this will clear all your data on your iPhone. For this, go to settings click on General. Click on reset. It will reset the settings on your iPhone.

Clean the Charging Point: Doing this can fix the no sound issue in your iPhone. Use a brush to clean the charging portion in your iPhone.

Headphone Insertion: Insert your headphone in your iPhone and then pull it out. Continue this for few minutes.

Restore Your iPhone on iTunes: This puts your iPhone back to factory settings. Doing this will fix all the errors in your iPhone. After restoring your iPhone, update your iPhone.

What to Do If You are Unable to Receive Messages and Texts on Your iPhone

Messages and texts are the important method of communication. Think what if there occurs problem with your iPhone and you are not able to receive messages and texts. If someone texts you very urgent message and it is not delivered to you then this may be very costly for you. You can call on iPhone toll free number if you are not getting texts and messages on your iPhone. You can follow few steps on your own to overcome this issue. Follow these steps:

  • Update your iPhone to the latest available version

  • Check your mobile network connectivity

  • Reboot your iPhone

  • If the above method does not work then you may try to hard reset your iPhone.

  • Press and hold down the On/Off button of the iPhone.

  • At the same time without leaving the on/off button, press and hold the Home button on your iPhone.

  • Holding both the buttons together will hard reset your iPhone. You will see an Apple logo on the screen and your iPhone will restart.

If any of the above method does not fix the issue then get in touch with tech experts via iPhone technical support number.


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