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Fix The Scanning Issues Of Avast Antivirus With Quick And Easy Steps

Whenever the users search for an antivirus software, which can scan their PC and protect it from the harmful viruses and malware, then the best option for all those users is none other than the Avast Antivirus. Many a times, the Avast users have to face complex situations while using this antivirus software. Most of them complains by dialing the Avast Antivirus Tech Support Number that this Antivirus was not scanning their system. So, if you are facing a similar problem, then don’t worry and simply follow the steps given below.

  • Firstly, the users need to learn that how to run a scan properly via Avast Antivirus. They can do this by launching the Avast UI after double-clicking on its icon.
  • After that, they have to click on the Scan section and after that, they have to click on Scan for viruses option.
  • Then, they will see a drop-down menu displaying the list of all the available scans. From that, they can select the desired scan and should click on the Start button in orange color.
  • After doing that, the scan will start immediately. But after the completion of the scanning process, they will see a notification, which will show the result of the scanning.
  • In case there is no issue, the users will see the result as NO THREAT FOUND.
  • But if there is a threat detected, then the users have to click on the Show Results button and then they have to select the action to be taken for that threat either automatically or manually.
  • The users can even get an access to the reports of scanning by clicking on the View History button located at the bottom of the screen.
  • In case, they are still facing the same issue, then they can either dial the Avast Antivirus Toll Free Number or should repair their Avast antivirus immediately.
  • The repairing can be done by going to the control panel and then, following the procedures to uninstall the Avast.
  • But after clicking on the Uninstall button, the Avast users should click on the Repair button under the Avast Setup wizard.
  • After the completion of the changes, the users have to click on the Restart Computer button in order to completely finish the procedure.

So, if unfortunately, your Avast antivirus is still not scanning your PC, then you need to dial the Avast Antivirus Support Number immediately to solve this problem permanently.


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