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Common Problems Faced by ASUS Product Users

Asus or as it is formally known – AsusTek Computer Inc. is a multinational company based at Taiwan. Its headquarters are located in the Beitu district, Taipei of Taiwan. The company believes that the name finds its origin in the word Pegasus – the winged horse which is a part of the greek mythology. The company’s most recent tagline is “in search of incredible”. It was founded in the year 1989 by four people –

  • T.H Tung

  • Ted Hsu

  • Wayne Hseih

  • M.T. Liao

The company primarily deals in hardware and electronics. Some of the products that it deals in are desktops, laptops, smart phones, motherboards, monitors, portable storages, graphics cards, servers, workstations, tablets etc. The unique fact about the company is that it is also an OEM manufacturer. In addition to that Asus also has a primary listing on the Taiwan stock exchange and a secondary listing on the London stock exchange.

Now despite the really amazing features, it is impossible to not face errors and issues from time to time in your Asus devices. Some of these issues are :

  • Asus computers unable to turn on.
  • This might happen due to a faulty power cable or charger, faulty power button or an internal hardware issue. It is best to get your Asus device looked at by the customer care.

  • Blank Screens
  • Defective binary operating systems or low voltage power supply was cause the screen to go blank. Disconnected power cables also cause this. It is best to look at the power cables and also see that the device is getting the proper power to run.

  • Poor Battery Life
  • Asus installs a power management utility that keeps on changing the laptop from one power mode to another. This drains a lot of battery power. Uninstalling it will increase your battery life.

  • Asus Wifi Router Problem
  • If you are facing any kind of wifi problems like connection problems or port forwarding that i not working. To resolve such a problem, you have to simply upgrade to Asus WRT Merlin firmware. Chances are it will solve most of your wifi related problems in around 99% of the cases.

    In order to fix these kinds of errors and issues, it is important that the user should call up on the Asus tech support phone number. Alternatively the user can also call on the Asus Toll free number.

    The representative who will assist the user when they call up the Asus technical support number will be adequately equipped, certified and well qualified for providing the user solutions to your problems. These representatives are extremely talented in providing solutions that are extremely simple to implement by the user themselves. Also it is known that Asus takes good care of its customers. So the user can be rest assured that your product is in safe hands or the guarantee that the problem the user are facing will be fixed as soon as possible.


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